Meet Tim Cooper

Tim Cooper

Owner & Developer of the Kaizen Batter Method

Tim has spent a lifetime studying and personally interviewing many of baseball’s greatest hitters with the goal of creating an effective, efficient, and repeatable baseball swing. A player and longtime fan of the game, Tim has written two books on the correct way to hit a baseball.

“It should not have taken me almost ten years to learn how to swing a bat correctly,” Tim says. “I want to share all I have learned, so a young athlete has the practice time to learn the 5-cycle method of timing a swing to the timing of the pitch. Learning this method early will help propel any talented high school player to the college and/or professional level.”

To that end, Tim created the Kaizen Batter Video, a short video that examines the physics of baseball and applies LEAN Value Stream mapping to give hitters the instruction they need to create and improve a repeatable swing with each at-bat.

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