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The Kaizen Philosophy

Kaizen Philosophy

What is the Kaizen Philosophy?

The Japanese words Kai means to "take apart" and Zen means "to make good."
Together, the word KAIZEN is a phrase that is synonymous with "continuous improvement." These principles were first implemented as a business philosophy by the Japanese automotive industry after World War II.
Using a system called LEAN, they leveled out the assembly process into equal cycles based on time, and were able to create an even and efficient flow in production with minimal waste.
Their success was so impressive that since that time, KAIZEN principles have been implemented in industry and governments all over the world.

Kaizen Applied to Hitting

Just like KaiZen car manufacturers used LEAN manufacturing to eliminate waste and level their production process into equal cycles of time, Kaizen Batting is broken down into a 5-cycle Value Stream Map.

The strategy is to portion out the timing of your swing evenly across the timing of the pitch, so that no time is wasted. This allows players to make better decisions, execute more powerfully, and have greater confidence.

The Kaizen Batter secrets are now compiled into a concise, easy-to-understand video presentation that is available for a low cost, one time payment!

​After learning the Kaizen method, you will never play or even watch baseball in the same way.  

Ready to Improve Your Swing?

Kaizen Batter Full Value Stream
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